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Azan with Urdu Tarjama,

One day, a Sahabi, Abdullah ibn Zaid came to Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and said, “O Messenger of Allah! I had a beautiful dream last night.”

“What was the dream you saw”, Prophet Muhammad (SAW) asked Zaid.

Zaid answered, “I’ve seen that a man wearing green garment taught me the words of the Adhan and advised me to call people to prayer with these words.” He then recited the words of the Adhan.

The words were beautiful and full of meaning. Prophet Muhammad (SAW) recognized that the dream of Zaid was true. He asked Zaid to teach the words of Adhan to Bilal.

Bilal stood up and called the Adhan. The voice of Bilal resounded throughout the Madinah. People came running to Masjid Al-Nabawi. Umar ibn Khatib was one of the persons who came and said: “O Messanger of Allah, an angel taught me the same words in my dream last night.” And Prophet Muhammad (SAW) accepted this Adhan as the official call to the Salaah.


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