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14 August Pakistan independence day 2018

Pakistan Independence Day speech in English 2018 so start with a very good morning to all my friends.14 August is a very important day for Pakistan. They are celebrating their 71 years of independence on 14 August 1947.

Pakistan got freedom from British rules. During British rule, children were not allowed to go to school.

The condition of women was pathetic. Women’s were harassed by British men and treated like slaves.

People of Pakistan suffered cruel behavior of British for many years. Many of Pakistani leader sacrificed their lives, home and families for Pakistan country. Today we have liberated in several fields such as education, sports, business and many more.

This is not just Pakistan independence day speech in English 2018  we have to think about our Pakistan.

We should salute all the freedom fighters because they  our are real national heroes.

Pakistan Army Zindabad:

We salute Pakistan army who sacrifices their life to serve us but I also think after having 71 years of independence still our country is not developed.

We got freedom from British rules but we are surrounded by several editions such as terrorism, violence, corruptions and many more.

Corruption is everywhere if you want to take admission in any school or college you have to give the donation.

If you want to lodge FIR in the police station you should be known by any recognized or renowned person.

If you have to buy the house you have to give extra money via the back door. It effects on the growth and development of the nation in all aspects socially and economically.

14 August Pakistan Independence Day speech in English 2018

Respect And brotherhood

The second thing I want to mention about respect. We should respect our society. We should respect and help each other.

As we know we are living in the new generation. We have the power of high technology we have the power of social media.

When we see an accident on road we forward to them not to help we go ahead towards them.

With the mobile, we start to set the angle of our mobile. We get busy in zoom in and zoom out. We try to cover blood spot as much as we can.

And finally, we’re keenly interested to update it on our Facebook status. We give something new interesting title. We are worried about like and comments. We do our patriotism on the Facebook only.

Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W) taught us brotherhood but what are we doing? We are interested in killing one another for just a small thing you must have seen such a news on television.

We are just selfish our humanity and sympathy have gone. We have got much knowledge in the world of internet, but our thinking power is getting less and less.

People of the old generation could do any calculation on their fingers and we need the calculation to do same. In the old generation, people kept all the contact no.

In their mind But what about us we are not able to tell our own number without searching in mobile so my friends we have to take some time and must think to take our country to good manners like we have need to make Pakistan clean, corruption free, well cultured.

So Pakistan independence day speech is not just a speech we have to inspire one another and make our Pakistan more beautiful and green.

14 August Pakistan independence day speech in English 2018 

Pakistan independence day speech in English: I am pleased and honored to address you on the 71st Independence Day in Pakistan. First of all, I congratulate you on Independence Day of Pakistan. This day is celebrated in memory of these leaders who have made countless sacrifices. Freedom of the nation from the shackles of slavery. His struggle was diligent and persevering.

Pakistan independence day speech in English

Which brought the fruits of independence to the Muslims of the subcontinent. Muslims in the Indian sub-continent came to the call of the great leader Muhammad Ali Jinnah and dream. The new homeland became true at a time when it seemed almost impossible to win. Pakistan was created for ideals. Winning freedom was the first step in this direction.

Real Freedom means achieving the goal of becoming self-sufficient and capable of protection. Your interests and enhance your values. Freedom will truly be freedom only when we follow.

Principles taught by our founding fathers and staying together to meet challenges. Countries face a growth movement shared by all Pakistanis. Our collective responsibility is to play our roles in transforming Pakistan into a strong and prosperous country. And the country is booming. This may require some sacrifices on our part, but if we keep the principles.

Taught by our great leaders in mind, we will have the vision to see that these sacrifices have a great impact. Progress for the future of the nation. A strong economic system based on strong institutions is the key to progress. No nation can wait, Grow without a strong financial system and a strong economy.

Management of a central bank and a viable economic system from the outset. The economy has seen many ups and downs and has sometimes experienced a crisis, and I think there is still a lot the growth potential is huge and the economy is now heading in the right direction.

On this auspicious occasion, the World Bank launches its five-year strategic plan. we’ve got the title of the Vision Plan for Sustainable Development Plan 2020 has been developed. The plan has been designed by the management and officials in the SBP after months of continuous work. SBP Vision 2020 has been developed through.

Participatory and consultative process. I took the SBP to see 2025 in mind. As part of the process, surveys were conducted with external stakeholders. Results of these surveys it has been combined with a global analysis of the problems of central banks and the national and global economy and financial developments.

Our goal is to be an SBP model for corporate best practices in Pakistan and to provide effective and effective results at all levels. We need to train all staff to help to present SBP Vision 2020 and leading change in the organization. In this sense, our core values Integrity, accountability, teamwork, courage, excellence, and the outcome will be the approach to increase planting in the culture of SBP.

SBP Vision 2020 organizes activities on the six strategic imperatives that include:

Improving the effectiveness of monetary policy; and enhancing the stability of the financial system

System; improving the efficiency, effectiveness, and equity of the banking system;

Financial integration the development of modern and powerful payment systems. And promote the SBP.

Effectiveness and organizational effectiveness.

About 50 percent of the adult population in Pakistan cannot afford financial services such as Official savings, payments, deposits, credit or insurance. Despite the efforts, the level the inclusion has been very low, and the need for a new national strategy was recognized. After comprehensive development and consultation, the National Bank the listing strategy was launched in May 2015.

We Hope Pakistan independence day speech in English is suitable for you.

The 2020 vision of the SBP in relation to the increase in financial coverage is closely related perform NFIS. NFIS establishes the foundation for SBP, Government and private sector to implement a comprehensive set of coherent and sequential reforms needed for having a significant impact on financial integration in Pakistan. NFIS will direct efforts to Strengthen financial integration in the next five years.

In addition to its basic functions, SBP plays an important role in the preservation of cultural heritage

From the country. In this sense, the Museum and Art Gallery of the Central Bank has a prominent role. In during a very short period, the State Bank Museum became a member of an international forum such as the International Council of Museums and the Association of Museums of the Commonwealth.

Continuous Campaign State Bank has taken another pioneering initiative by inviting private collectors to Be part of the SBP Museum, donating or selling your collections, which will be preserved Professionally in an ideal environment, not only this but according to the size and type the group will reserve the SBP Museum Corner, or it will appear as an area on behalf of the donor.

I am very happy to see the positive response from citizens and collectors. I am glad Welcomes the famous Pakistani artist Mr. Adel Salahuddin who donated a valuable collection For the State Bank. I am very pleased to acknowledge Mr. Adel’s contribution to Saladin, who has Sitara-e-Imtiaz and the president Pride of acting. Is He played an important role in the process of designing stamps and tickets in Pakistan as well As well as abroad

SBP launches Mr. Adel Salah El-Din Group on this auspicious occasion Independence Day.

In the end, I would say that the State Bank of Pakistan is one of the few institutions that

It is the pride of the country. Despite the risks and challenges, it has advanced a lot towards

The goal of taking the economy to new heights. Our vibrant banking industry is an example of Ongoing efforts of previous and current SBP staff. We are still We have a long way to go. There are many monuments that we have left Invade. Let us today make the firm determination that we will rise to the ideals of the great leader Continue our efforts to achieve the objectives for which the State Bank of Pakistan was established.


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